journal issues


(w/Grant Farred) New Centennial Review 16.2 (2016). Dossier on James Baldwin. CONTENTS – 1. James Baldwin and the Sound of Soul (Emily Lordi) /2.  Baldwin in Britain (Grant Farred) / 3. Baldwin’s Three Africans (John E. Drabinski) /4.  Being James Baldwin (Magdalena Zaborowska) / 5. 17 or tough, dark, moody (Marisa Parham) / 6. Baldwin’s Boys (Michele Elam)

(w/Grant Farred) Critical Philosophy of Race 3, no. 2 (2015). Special forum on Baldwin and Philosophy. CONTENTS – Introduction (John E. Drabinski and Grant Farred) / 1. The Force of Black and White (Ian Balfour) / 2. The Terror of Being Destroyed (Jonathan Eburne) / 3. Love is Asymmetrical (Grant Farred) / 4. What Should Blacks Think When Jews Choose Whiteness? (Jane Gordon) / 5. Vernaculars of Home (John E. Drabinski)

(w/ Marisa Parham) C.L.R. James Journal 18, no. 1 (2013). Special issue on Glissant and Philosophy. CONTENTS – 1. Glissant’s Opacité and the Re-Conceptualization of Identity (H. Adlai Murdoch) / 2. In Citation to the Chance: Glissant, Citation, Intention, and Interpretation (Seanna Sumalee Oakley) / 3. Glissant’s Existential Ontology of Difference (Clevis Headley) / 4. The Ripening’s Epic Realism and the Martinican Tragic Unfulfilled Political Emancipation (Hanétha Vété-Congolo) / 5. Breadfruit, Time and Again: Glissant Reads Faulkner in the World Relation (Marisa Parham) / 6. Aesthetics and the Abyss: Between Césaire and Lamming (John E. Drabinski)

(w/Jill Stauffer and Sharika Thiranagama) Humanity: A Journal of Human Rights 3, no. 2 (2013). CONTENTS – Jill Stauffer, Sharika Thiranagama, Zerrin Özlem Biner, Yael Yashin, Mariane Ferme, Diana Allan, Isaias Rojas-Perez, Salomon Lerner, Roger Berkowitz.

Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy XIX, no. 1 (2011). Special forum on Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth. CONTENTS – 1. Toute décolonisation est une réusitte (Anthony Alessandrini) / 2. The New North African Syndrome (Nigel C. Gibson) / 3. Revolutionary in Counter-Revolutionary Times (Jane Anna Gordon) / 4. Corps à corps (Matthieu Renault) / 5. To Dream of Fanon (Anjali Prabhu) / 6. De Frantz Fanon à Edward Said (Sonia Dayun-Herzbrun) / 7. Living Fanon (Lewis Gordon)

Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy XVIII, no. 2 (2010). Special issue on Godard and Philosophy. CONTENTS – 1. Philosophy as a Kind of Cinema (John E. Drabinski) / 2. Schizoanalyzing Souls (David Sterritt) / 3. Happiness is not Fun (Michael Walsh) / 4. The Audible Life of the Image (David Wills) / 5. Shot and Counter-Shot (Burlin Barr) / 6. Pedagogy of the Written Image (Jonathan Dronsfield) / Modernism as Misnomer (Gabriel Rockhill)