Discussion of my book Glissant and the Middle Passage with J. Kameron Carter, hosted by Krishna Lewis at Hutchins Center, Harvard University as part of their alum-fellows book talk series.

Discussion with Peniel Joseph and Michael Sawyer about their books The Sword and the Shield and Black Minded: The Political Philosophy of Malcolm X, exploring the legacy of Malcolm X.

Discussion with Merle Collins about her project on Malcolm X’s mother and the Caribbean presence in mid-century radical politics in the United States and the black Americas more broadly.

Short talk titled “Periodizing Fanon” beginning at 28:30, which argues that Fanon must be read in the context of Caribbean debates about abjection, vernacular culture.

A talk at Williams College on democracy, freedom, and nihilism as part of a panel with Lawrie Balfour and Keisha-Khan Perry.

A short written piece on envisioning and program building in Black Studies, reflecting on processes and experiences at Amherst College.